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Winterproofing Your Car

The months are getting colder and all across the country, drivers are finding that their vehicles are showing signs of ‘winter wear’. While we can’t do anything about the weather and temperature, we can ensure that our cars don’t suffer adversely during the winter months.

There are also an array of gadgets you can buy which will assist you during the coldest moments. A quick look on Direct Car Parts finds such things as in-car heaters, windscreen covers (great for keeping the frost off your car and reducing scraping/de-icing time in the mornings!) and the winter must-have: a portable battery charger.

As pointed out in the above graphic, making sure your car tyre tread is of a legal limit (preferably much higher) is perhaps the most important thing you can do when prepping your car for winter. Not only will it give you better grip on icy roads or snow, but if you damage your car or someone else’s property as a result of skidding, your car insurance company may refuse to pay out if the treads aren’t up to standard. Even if your MOT/safety inspection isn’t due yet, consider changing worn tyres for new or part-worn ones.