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Be A Master of Hybrid Car-Learn

In an era when everyone is fed up with rising fuel prices and environment pollution is an ever growing concern, hybrid cars have come as a blessing. Hybrid car is nothing but a car that uses at least one alternate fuel and gasoline. Mostly, this alternate source of energy is electric based on rechargeable batteries. Hybrid cars have been available in the US market since 1999. Hybrid cars combine gasoline engine with a battery powered electric motor.

The Technology

The fuel efficient and low polluting hybrid cars come with Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) along with fuel propulsion source. In a gasoline car, fuel is supplied to the engine through fuel tank to power the vehicle, while in electric cars – batteries provide transmission to the engine.

Meanwhile, in a hybrid car, electric motor and gasoline engine combine to give better performance and less emission due to rechargeable batteries.

The Hybrid Car Makers

Most of the car makers are trying out hybrid model of their existing cars. Toyota, Honda, Ford and other makers already have many cars in hybrid models and are constantly adding to the list. Honda Civic, Toyota Prius, Ford Escape, Honda Insight, are all available with hybrid engine. The bandwagon of hybrid car makers is constantly increasing.


  • The hybrid cars are here to stay. Though slow but their popularity is on the rise. Firstly, because the hybrid cars are environment friendly. They are able to curtail pollution up to 90 percent.
  • The hybrid cars are economical in usage than the normal gasoline cars. They consume less energy in both long and medium drive.
  • They are more reliable as they are able to use electric or gasoline energy as alternative fuel.Henceforth, the dependence on fossil fuel is set to decline, courtesy hybrid cars.
  • These cars are more efficient as they have small engines.
  • They are helpful in countering green house effect as they have lower emission.
  • The hybrid cars give better mileage than gasoline cars.
  • Many states in the United States and the federal government offer various tax benefits to the hybrid car users.


  • Besides being futuristic, the hybrid cars are yet to gain popularity as they are almost 20 percent costlier than gasoline-based cars. The price range of hybrid car can vary through $3500 to $5000 and may go up to $10000, depending on the accessories added.
  • Secondly, the rechargeable batteries used in these cars are expensive. The prices can vary from $1000 to $ 3000 or more.
  • They are heavier due to the rechargeable batteries fitted in them.
  • The hybrid cars have complicated engines which cannot be handled by normal mechanics.
  • The spare parts are costly and not readily available in the market.
  • The hybrid cars have lower acceleration compared to other vehicles.
  • In case of accidents, it can cause exposure to high voltage wires due to the electric circuiting.
  • The reason why hybrid cars are the cars of tomorrow is because of constantly disappearing fossil fuel and growing threat to environment. Car makers worldwide are constantly striving to evolve the hybrid technology so it can reach out to larger buyers. It would not be long when the fossil fuel-based gasoline cars will be a thing of past.

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