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Harmful Dangers in Automobiles

With all of the attention, albeit warranted attention, on everything that is coming out of cars these days, perhaps there should also be some manner of attention put on what is already inside of cars from the time that you drive them off of the lot.

Strictly speaking, there are many chemicals that are on the inside of almost all automobiles, new and used, that are actually a lot more harmful than the exhaust pipes of the vehicle.

Have you ever wondered how the many different types of plastics that are in new cars get their different textures?

The answer is in the chemicals that the car manufacturers put inside of the different plastics to give them different attributes, including flexibility, smoothness, as well as different points of hardness. The problem is that the chemicals that are used to do this for the plastics and sidecars are the same ones that are used inside of PVC products, and these have been shown to be quite harmful to humans a long time ago.

Part of the reason that we can still use plastics in our everyday lives is that it is difficult to ingest the PVC chemicals inside of plastic bags or Ziploc containers. However, and sidecars, these chemicals can get into the dust on the windshield and on top of the dash quite easily and get into our bodies as we breathe in the dust. This dust can be in our air-conditioning units or just sitting on the dashboard because we have not had time to clean it.

That leads me to one good way to keep these chemicals out of your body – simply clean the inside of the car every week, making sure to get the inside windshield as well. If these chemicals that are in the dust are ingested into the body in too great of an exposure, they can actually cause diseases that are not curable such as liver disease, acne, arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, and many more.

Mostly in older vehicles, asbestos was used in many different parts of the automobile like brake pads, gaskets, hood liners, clutch plates, etc. Asbestos exposure can lead to many serious diseases especially an aggressive illness called mesothelioma.

There are also many different types of harmful chemicals that are in the engine parts of the car as well. The shocks and struts, as well as chemicals around the battery and the engine itself, can give you the same types of diseases if you are over exposed to them as well. The way to avoid this is every time that you pop the trunk or go under the car to change the oil, you must have a gas mask on.