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Top Tips for Servicing a Mercedes Car

If a belt or a pipe bursts inside a Mercedes, it can ruin the mood of the car owner as heavy losses are incurred for its repair. If the pipes are fat or look spongy, it is the time to replace them. The belts should be checked thoroughly for cracks and nicks. If any of the belt needs to be replaced, it should be done at one go instead of replacing them later. A Mercedes service mechanic can use the following tips while servicing a Mercedes:

Filters and fluids

Most consumers prefer to change their oil filter very often. The engine needs to be ventilated to remove all the contaminants eliminated. The car mechanic should ensure that the fuel and air filters are evaluated regularly. Most of the Mercedes service also recommend that the radiator should be flushed out completely.


According to the estimates in AAA, around 80% of the non-commercial tyres are usually not inflated. This low pressure in the tyre creates friction and causes wear and tear in them. This affects the mileage of the vehicle and increases the costs for the driver by $600 in terms of fuel costs. The mechanic should always check the tyres to see if the recommended psi is maintained.

Routine checkup

It is a good idea to check the taillights, reverse lights, headlights, signals for turning, flashers for emergency, and brakes lights. Almost every list of recommendations for Mercedes service talk about routine checkups being a much better option than waiting for a disaster to occur.

UV protection lather

Keeping a car clean using a car wax has its own set of benefits. The wax protects the car from UV rays. Using Armorall, a UV protectant, can protect car interiors from the UV rays.

Safety of brakes

Unlike domestic brakes, brake rotors for Mercedes are built with minimum thickness to save mass. Hence, these rotors cannot be tuned and can only be replaced. Also, these rotors are very sensitive to heat warping and is the second most commonly occurring reason for failure.

Exterior portion of the car

One of the most effective tips for Mercedes service is that the car should be washed during the winter as well as in summer.

Securing the loads on the car

It is very important to make sure that the loads are secured well. Even a small imbalance has the potential to create scratches that can incur heavy costs during servicing.

Keeping the car in a shade

The car should be kept in a covered garage or parked in a shade to protect it from the burning sun or heavy rain. The rays of the sun can adversely impact the paint of the car. So, keeping the car in shade is very important. These days sophisticated designs of car covers are available that directly protects from elements in the environment.

Using the right type of gasoline

Every expert’s tips for Mercedes service recommend that the gasoline with the right octane rating should be used. Since Mercedes is a European car, its fuel’s rating varies accordingly. The right kind of gasoline rating can be found in the owner’s instruction manual.

It is very important for car owner to treat the car as an investment that pays back in the form of inexpensive transportation. So, experts recommend owners to protect their Mercedes Benz with routine maintenance.

Sometimes these routine maintenance tasks look like chores to few mechanics. However, they are essential for the smooth functioning of these suave cars.