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An Idiosyncratic and a Wondrous Driving Marvel: Subaru Levorg 2015

The mid-size car or a portmanteau of three words legacy, revolution and touring, Subaru Levorg is the most inspiring, scrumptious and agile motoring legend under the flagship. By sharing the manufacturing platform with Impreza, Legacy, and WRX, the vehicle looks completely reminiscent to these three workhorses. Subaru Levorg 2015 is an important model designed to fill the gap identified at the end of the 2014 model. With limited appeal and exceptional capabilities, the vehicle has some significant traits influencing buyers to consider it an ideal motoring legend.

Curious Specification

Underhood configurations and engineering expertise reveal it has a potent engine and decent driving dimensions. 2015 model is empowered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged boxer petrol engine which is linked to CVT automatic transmission. Overall it is a well engineered and a very capable all-wheel-drive vehicle enabling buyers to create a signatory appearance on the road. Good ground clearance combined with excellent traction, good body control, and impressive ride comfort enable it to drive well on road. 

Opulent Interior

Exemplary craftsmanship encloses a spacious area for passenger handling. Subaru Levorg 2015 is a family-oriented workhorse designed with plenty of space for the legroom and headroom. A large expandable boot space area, excellent build quality and impressively designed electronics and ergonomics enable it to last longer. Pretty functional dashboard layout and plenty of equipment are standard. Features like blind spot assist with heated seats, touch screen system, climate control, navigation, and dual-zone climate control are standard. Subaru Levorg 2015 price is reasonable for a vehicle offering a good level of equipment and well-proven and all-weather capabilities.

Safe And Practical

Subaru engineers greatly emphasize on practicality and functionality. Therefore the vehicles under the flagship of Subaru are adorned with some very useful beauty ornaments. Same is true in case of Subaru Levorg 2015 for sale. Subaru has managed to create a useful shape and accessible boot with loads of space for a passenger in the relatively compact size. Robustness of the exterior, the use of soft-touch material enhances reliability. The driving position is good and the all-around visibility is also impressive. In short, the vehicle is intensively designed to look robust, practical as well as enjoyable.

Driver Aid Functionalities

Incredibly adequate size, under the hood power configurations and multiple other amenities, are aligned to make it perform like a workhorse. Subaru Levorg 2015 with strong agility and surprising stability is considered to be an extremely safe place to live and spend time over long or small journeys. Features like eyesight adaptive control, autonomous emergency braking and pre-collision warning all are standard. Fine body control is based on power-assisted steering and choice between automatic and manual gearbox. 

Bottom Line

Subaru Levorg 2015 for sale is the range-topping and mind-boggling workhorse under the flagship of Subaru. All-weather, all conditions capabilities align with four-wheel drive functionality and a full gamut of amenities make it feel exciting, safe and agile on road. It is an incredibly adequate choice whose individuality lies in its outstanding performance and remarkable efficiency.

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