Cleaning Your Engine Properly

Cleaning the engine could be a hard task for many people as they haven’t been properly trained to try and do therefore but believe me it’s not hard as you thought. Let’s see some steps on how to do it.

The most important thing to remember is – never use solvent based mostly cleaners on the engine because these elements can cause fires. Use caution when brushing around the engine elements and hoses and don’t forget to always use protective eyewear when cleaning the engine area.

Remove leaves & debris around the engine area. Open the hood and brush this area to remove the leaves and other debris. Then cool the whole engine with running water. Never apply cleaner to a hot engine and instead use a garden hose with a sprayer to quickly cool the surface and knock off the heavy dirt. Pressure washers can also be used as an alternative to clean the engine.

Spray the engine & under the hood. And again – do not use solvent based mostly cleaners! Spray the area from the front, the left aspect, then the right side to cover all engine areas. Do not forget to spray below the hood and keep motor degrease off painted surfaces.

Carefully agitate visible engine parts & hoses with a brush. Loosen the significant dirt and grease with a brush. Use caution around delicate engine components. Always wear protective eye wear when doing this.

Clean under the hood for undersides while not an insulator pad and a wash mitt with an insulator pad. Lightly hand rub the insulator pad with a towel to transfer the dirt. Do not use a wash mitt and suds in this process. Carefully rinse the engine & below the hood and use a garden hose and sprayer to rinse the product and dirt from the engine. Set the sprayer on a good spray setting and use further caution when rinsing with pressure washers to avoid blowing off delicate parts, hoses, and over saturating the engine.

Dress the engine for a brand new shine to as a replacement for your engine and blacken plastic and hoses. Spray directly onto the engine.


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