Intelligent Tyres – A Road to Safety

For the last fifteen years we are bear witnesses on how the automotive industry is progressing. Some high-tech appliances have been included, so the overall safety in traffic is quite increased.

For example, few years back, airbags were just luxury, and nowadays those became the stepping stone of safety system.

Many aspects are gaining in importance within ever growing safety system, and the newest are intelligent tyres. If you are curious to find out what are those, read on and find out.

What is it?

Simply put, intelligent tyres from the outside are no different than any other common one. What does make a difference is what is inside of it. A microchip is attached to the outer part on the inside of the tyre, with various sensors. Those track and pick up different parameters, such as pressure, speed and eventual slippage percentage. These few facts can actually help a lot, when it comes to tyres, especially in harsh weather conditions, such as heavy raining and snow. This microchip requires no battery source, so it is very applicable to different kind of tyres, from winter to those for warmer weather.

How it works?

Microchip within the tyre is useless if it doesn’t have a computer to process data, right? Recently, we have seen how Central Processing Unit (CPU) is often implemented, and is gaining importance when it comes to car control. It processes important data, such as fuel consumption, power transferred to the wheels, etc. With this microchip, the possibilities of CPU had gone even further. Data directly from the wheels is of vital importance, for it gives the CPU immediate access to the wheels via braking system.

This system can react faster than the driver, so any eventual slipping can be dealt with quicker and more accurate. Also, with the access to the engine, it can precisely determine if the engine is wasting fuel and to moderate this. ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System) also benefits from this chip, for it’s time to kick in is significantly reduced. In addition, one of the major factors is the outer temperature, for when it is hotter outside, tires are softer, and their traction is not the same as during winter, when tires become stiff and brittle.

What else?

It is often said that it is better to be safe than sorry. Early warning system and prevention is one of the roads often taken by the car company, and smart tyres are no exception. Tiny punctures or micro-ruptures can with the first bump break out, and this causes tyre to burst. This is very dangerous during higher speed driving, for it is sudden and immediately the driver loses control of the vehicle, and this leads to car accidents with possible lethal outcome.

Constant micro leak can be precisely located by the chip, and for example, the screen in your car can flash red for this tyre, warning you in advance. In my personal opinion, this will reduce the amount of car accidents by 50% at least. Loosing pressure and damaging of the rim due to unevenly distributed weight is also an important matter, for the axle which is lower suffers more of the weight. Micro-ruptures within the metal can cause it to wear of and eventually break earlier, and by preventing this, your money is also saved.


Although this concept is still in developing phase, it is clear that one day it will become standard piece of equipment. Its low price and easy manufacturing, paired with huge benefits and no drawbacks are the key advantages which speaks in its favour. Major tyre manufacturing companies, are going to introduce this system with already great selection of existing models. Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli and many others are already working on introducing this system, but not yet have been determined when is it going to go for mass production.

With everything said taken into consideration, I’m very excited to see what else the future will bring. It is very pleasing to see that huge companies are working toward increased safety of the driver as well as other participants in traffic. Who knows, maybe one day we will achieve the unimaginable, to have 100% safe roads and cars. Inventions like this are leading us to it.


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