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The 2012 Tata Nano

The Tata Nano gets you from here to there in style, with money left in your wallet and keeps you out of the elements. It’s the rational, real choice over a motor scooter or motor bike. Besides, no girl wants to go on a date on the back of something with two wheels.

The four door Nano is the least expensive car in the world today. Tata made it to compete with the motorcycle. They wanted a four passenger car that would keep passengers out of the rain while traveling with grace and flair. The Nano came out in 2008 with acceptance so strong that the used car market dropped by 30% as buyers found that they could get an exciting new car for the price of used.

The Nano fits the streets of India, where it is made and sold, at 122 inches (2,230mm) long, 58.9 inches (1,495 mm) wide and 65 inches (1652 mm) high. It weighs just 1,400 pounds (600 kg)

The power for the Nano comes from a two cylinder, all aluminum, 623 cubic centimeter engine mounted in the rear producing 38 horsepower and 51 lb-ft. of torque. Power is delivered to the rear wheels through a four speed transmission. Top speed for the Nano is 65 mph (105 kms) and the Nano reaches 60 mph in 28 seconds. Fuel efficiency is rated at 55.5 mpg. Tata built the Nano with a McPherson strut suspension in the front and independent coil suspension in the rear and drum brakes on all four wheels.

When Tata designed the Nano, they kept the cost low by making the trunk accessible only from inside the car, using only one windshield wiper instead of two, leaving out power steering which wasn’t needed due to the light weight of the car, including only one wing mirror, making a radio or CD player an option instead of standard equipment, dropping airbags from the car and leaving out air-conditioning. The price of the car is as low as Rs. 141898, depending on model and options.

The body of the Nano looks sleek and graceful with a nicely curved line moving back and up from the front license plate to the top of the car and down suddenly at the back. The sides of the car feature air scoops in front of the rear tire for the engine. The design of the interior provides massive amounts of room for four adults. The Nano lets the driver and passengers see the outside world through large windows all around the car.

The Nano comes in Rouge Red, Pearl White, Aqua Blue, Serene White, Neon Rush, Meteor Silver, Papaya Orange, Mojito Green, Champagne Gold and Sunshine Yellow and features exterior options such as front and rear mud flaps, front and rear bumper protectors, Decals from Disney, rub rails along the side of the car, a body kit with front, rear and side skirts, Decals on the top of the car, alloy wheels, two types of exhaust tips, fender flares, a spoiler, a rear view mirror and a tire repair kit. You can also order a body cover to protect the car from sun and sand.

The interior of the car can be dressed up with options such as a comfortable neck rest, seat covers, an audio system with a rear speaker, a steering wheel cover, a pedal kit with cutouts and a red color, a navigation system, sun films for the windows to keep out the heat, a Disney-themed series windscreen, side and rear window covers and a remote central locking system.