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Five Benefits to Wrapping Your Car

Vinyl wrapping cars is slowly becoming well known outside of the automotive world thanks mainly to advertisers, making it a controversial issue. The controversy surrounding vinyl wrapping deals with the fact that advertisers are now paying ordinary citizens a stipend per month for allowing them to fully wrap an advertisement (picture a magazine ad) around their everyday car. And, while there are two sides to this argument, I’m here to talk about benefits to vinyl wrapping that don’t involve companies pasting their ads on ordinary citizens’ cars.

Without further ado, here are five benefits to wrapping your car that the general populace who know about the controversy are unaware of:

1) It can protect the underlying paint job from the common everyday abrasion and wear that happens in common use.

This is because the vinyl absorbs the damage, keeping those little nicks and scratches from reaching underneath to the paintjob below. Not to mention sun damage, rust, mud, and other general wear and tear outside of abrasions. This helps keep the car looking brand new underneath, which can help considerably for resale, or for those who are car contentious.

2) It can transform your car in new and exciting ways (outside of putting an ad on it). Most people know this one, but overlook it when talking about the controversy vinyl wrapping usually brings up. This can take place in a variety of ways. For example:

Vinyl can add special effects without the hassle and cost of a custom paint job, including a two tone paint job.

Vinyl can allow you to try out an all new color of car without an expensive paint job.

It can make your business vehicle look professional, transforming a flat white van into a prominently displayed piece of your business.

3) It can be done at home. For all you do-it-yourselfers out there this means you. Painting your car at home requires professional experience, a complex site set up, and professional equipment. Not so for at home vinyl. All you need is a heat gun, the vinyl itself, vinyl adhesive (make sure you do your research on which one to use), and a squeegee to flatten it down. Plenty of other sites already give step by step instructions, so suffice it to say that this is a very real benefit to wrapping vinyl versus paint.

4) It is completely reversible. Tired of the vinyl wrapping you chose? That’s fine, just peel that bad boy right off! Now be warned, it will be another job to remove it. But that’s better than not being able to remove it at all. The heat gun is your friend in this, and will allow you to remove the vinyl.

5) Not only is it reversible, It is temporary. All vinyl typically comes off the vehicle in four to five years. That means that you’re not making any permanent life decisions for your car, and the need to remove the vinyl means you’re much more involved with your car. Every four or five years you have to change a key element of your vehicle, meaning your vehicle gets to be a lot more colorful and more of a character than most cars!

At the end of the day there is a lot more to vinyl wrap than the controversy of business advertisements. They serve a very valid and important function in the automotive world, and should be recognized as such. They allow an ease of customization previously unknown and can truly help transform your vehicle in amazing ways.