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How the Driving Crash Course Helps You to Pass Your Test First Time

When you see adverts for a driving course that guarantees you will pass your test first time or your money back you can be forgiven for being a little sceptical. There are, though, some driving courses that genuinely do offer the almost certain chance of a first time pass by teaching in a completely different way to the standard driving instructor.

While a standard driving instructor runs you between different skills and routines before you have had a chance to master any of them, a driving crash course instructor teaches you in a much more intensive and structured fashion. The crash course instructor teaches by getting you to learn one skill at a time and cannoning to revisit this skill until your practice has given you the mastery of it.

It is this that makes this crash course different from “normal” driving lessons and it is this reason why people who pass through a crash course are often seen as better drivers than other newly passed motorists.

The crash course driving instructor will only put you up for a driving test when he or she is convinced that you have more than exceeded the skills required to pass the exam. All driving crash course instruction is geared towards giving you advanced driving skills. So by the time you are deemed to have learned everything you need, your skill level is likely to be much higher than that of a comparable driver who has only been attending “normal” driving lessons.

The driving crash course can be conducted quickly by booking intensive week long sessions or you can simply book crash course instruction in the same way you would book other lessons. In general terms, the crash course aims to impart information over a short and intensive period. This way the learned skills stick much harder and of course once you pass you will continue driving, so that your skills are consolidated further rather than dissipating.

Some crash courses use skills normally taught in advanced driving courses. So even if you have passed your driving test already it can be a good idea to book a couple of sessions with a driving crash course instructor, who will be able to teach you the skills you are missing.

These skills tend actually to be the ones that make the difference between a safe driver and a merely adequate one and they are also the reason why some statistics seem to point to drivers who have passed through advanced or crash courses being far less likely to have an accident within the first year of their licence. This also has an impact on insurance, if you pass a crash course driving test you may find that your insurance premiums go down.

Passing the driving test is sometimes something that needs doing in a hurry. In these cases, doing a crash course can be the perfect solution. The driving course is designed to deliver quick reliable results no matter what the current level of driving skill might be.

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