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Novated Lease Explained

Novated lease has become an increasingly popular type of car financing over recent years where it combines many options car financing to deliver various enticing advantages for each employers and workers.

A novated lease involves a three-manner agreement between the employer, the worker and the financier where the obligation to fulfill the repayments below the finance lease is with the employer.  With a novated automobile lease agreement, the employee owns the vehicle while enjoying tax blessings and remuneration packages.

Repayments with novated leases are flexible with different leasing structures and calculated based mostly on the term, interest rate, quantity borrowed and also the residual payment.  As the entire value of the vehicle possession is packaged into the employee’s salary, there are now tax savings and everyday payment structure for all ongoing repairs and maintenance.

Below a novated lease arrangement, the person can take over all or half of the lessee’s rights and obligations below the lease. This transfer of rights and obligations is agreed to in a deed of novation between you, the finance company and also the lessee. The lessee is typically the worker, or an associate of the employee.

The deed of novation sometimes contains a clause that transfers the lease obligations back to the lessee on termination of the lease or when the worker resigns. This situation then allows the employee to enter into a replacement novated lease arrangement with another employer.

Benefits for employees:

  • Greater flexibility with the choice of a automobile
  • The vehicle might be leased for 100% personal use
  • Financing of the vehicle may be paid with pre-tax greenbacks
  • Option to possess the vehicle at the top of the term

Benefits for employers:

  • Simple and cost-effective means to add price to an employee’s remuneration package
  • Employers are not responsible for associated time, management and disposal of the vehicle

Novated Lease Calculator

A novated lease calculator provides a reasonable estimate of the price of salary packaging selected vehicles under a novated lease agreement. You can use free on-line novated lease calculator to determine specifically how much money you will save by using a novated lease to buy your next vehicle. A novated lease may be a form of salary packaging and is a tax effective method to get a car.

Once you found out how much you may save, you’ll be able to opt for to make an inquiry against any new vehicle. With novated lease calculator, you can break down of all the savings related to a totally maintained novated lease. You can also use novated lease calculator to work out exactly how much difference between owning a new vehicle with used vehicle.