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A Comparison: Honda Civic & 2013 Ford Focus

Honda, the famous Japanese car manufacturer has done it again in the sedan market by releasing its 8th generation Honda Civic model. However, Ford, your American brand, won’t allow to be left behind by its recently released 3rd generation 2013 Ford Focus. Let us take a thorough look at both vehicles to decide which maybe the better sedan!

Comparing the Civic and Focus

2012 Honda civicTo get a good overall comparison between the two premium sedans, let us put the two side by side and look at them in terms of size, engine, aesthetics, comfort, safety, price, luxury, and technology.

1. Size

The Civic is about 14.78 feet long; having has a height of around 4.71 feet high and about 5.76 feet in width.

The Focus is about 14.88 feet long and about 4.87 feet high, and about 5.98 feet in width.

As seen above, both sedans almost share the same length, but the Civic is a bit shorter and thinner compared to the Ford Focus.

2. Engine

The Civic stays faithful to its trademark baseline model engine at 1.8L SOHC iVTEC engine with 140BHP. The top of the line Civic has a 2.4L DOHC engine with 201BHP.

The Focus baseline model sports an EcoBoost 2.0L 247HP engine.

The Civic have its baseline model at 1.8L, the Focus have 2.0L baseline model. In terms of horse power, the Focus is at an advantage when compared with the Civic’s 2.4L engine model as it consumes less fuel with its 2.0L only engine with environment friendly EcoBoost feature.

Ford Focus Titanium Sedan

3. Aesthetics

Honda employed a newly enhanced body design for the 8th gen Civic. It is now even lighter, more refined, and more aerodynamic than last year’s model, resulting in less drag for a smoother ride.

The Focus stays true to its past designs but takes its Kinetic Design to a new level. The grille has been changed to a triangular feature and the rear hatchback tail lights are positioned lower, and the rest stays similar to the previous Focus models. Ford seems to imitate the grille found on most Mitsubishi models these days.

Both cars have the typical nice sedan look, and both are sleek and stylish.

4. Comfort

The Civic’s four-wheel independent suspension, including a multi-link setup at the back offers fair soft damping for a comfortable ride. Its interior, like the previous Civic, is also spacious.

The Focus front seats are comfortable, but the rear is a little cramped. But ride is smooth as the suspension and other features support the bumps brought by the road.

Both vehicles may offer comfort during ride through the eased drive train and soft high quality bunks, but the Civic’s rear seats are more spacious than the Focus.

5. Safety

Seats in the Civic have 3-point seat belts with front pretensioners. The usual airbags, Automatic Braking System with Electronic Brake Distribution are also present. Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control is a bonus too.

Besides airbags, the Focus has anti-lock brakes, stability control system, pretentioners too, and a fake key detection safety system which does not ignite the engine unless an original manufacturer key is used.

Both sedans offer maximum protection for passengers.

6. Price

The Civic has its baseline model priced at around $14,990 and its luxury model at $25,990.

On average, the 2013 Ford Focus ST Model is anticipated to have a base price of $24,495.

In terms of price, the Civic offers more economical choices of models that consumers can choose from, but the Focus has a slightly lower price when compared to the Civic’s top of the line model.

7. Luxury

The top of the line Civic sports a sporting seat design with high-contrast stitching and embroidery. The shift knob of the luxury model will be in aluminium with leather. A 360 Watt radio system is also available with MP3 and Windows Media playability with 7 speakers including subwoofer.

The top of the line Focus will feature very luxurious Recaro leather seats. Cabin design is beautifully equipped with various infotainment features. The shifter and pedals are aluminum and with a race inspired design. There is also an available HD radio system with Sony surround sound system.

Both cars are luxurious with similar features.

8. Technology

The Civic have an innovative HandsFreeLink bilingual Bluetooth wireless mobile phone interface feature. Satellite linked navigation system with voice recognition is available as well. There is also an intelligent Multi-Information Display (iMID) for displaying all sorts of information in a high tech manner.

Like the new Ford models out there, the Focus also employs the MyFord technology with voice activated Sync feature for that hands free experience. MyFord also allows for easy and hands free display of turn-by-turn directions and you can make a call or listen to text messages using voice commands. You can also monitor vehicle system, including fuel consumption etc.

But both vehicles are equipped with high tech features either way for safety and ease of driving. But the Focus’s MyFord is really impressive and innovative, so the Focus may hold a slight edge here, though the Civic has a wireless mobile phone system too.

The Verdict

The overall better choice really depends on the person who’ll use the car, as both sedans are almost at the same price and relatively has similar innovative features. The Focus may have an edge in being eco-friendly and slightly higher horse power engines. But comfort wise in the interior, the Civic holds an advantage as its rear seats offers more space.

Technology is where the Focus may win with its high-tech MyFord feature and its price is lower even when compared to the Civic’s top luxury model. So it depends on the consumer really, if you are the techie type, you may opt for the Focus, but when you want maximum comfort and a more compact vehicle, the Civic is for you, and you have the option of choosing which model depending on your budget and taste.