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4 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Your Car

For some of us, cars are something of a mystery. We think we know how they work until they suddenly go wrong.

Then the panic sets in as we realize we don’t know what we are doing. In this post, we are going to answer some of the questions you’re afraid to ask about your car.

#1 How Can I Tell If My Brake Pads Are Worn?

Changing your brake pads is a necessary part of owning a car. But knowing exactly when to change them can be tricky. You should look to replace your brake pads if one of three things happen.

First, if you start hearing any creaking or grinding sounds, your pads might need changing. It’s normal for your pads to make a little noise when you first start driving. But if they haven’t worn through, they’ll bed in rather quickly. If, however, your brake pads are worn, the noise will be continuous.

Second, if your brakes pulsate while braking, the pads also probably need changing. Pulsating brakes are a sign the brake pad is only able to generate friction periodically.

Finally, if you see deep marks on your brake discs, check yourself into a service center. Marks on disc brakes are a sure sign that your pads have worn. They are caused by contact between the brake caliper and the rotor. You can find out more information on the subject from

#2 How Do I Take Care of My Transmission?

Taking care of your transmission is important, not least because without it, you’re not going anywhere. You can look after your transmission in several ways.

One of the things that you can do is have your vehicle fluids check regularly. You can also check that there are no obstructions around air ducts or the radiator. Finally, when you’re stopped in traffic, you should put the car into neutral.

Often when a transmission failure occurs, it’s usually because of a single, defective part. Sites like, explain in more detail.

#3 Does “Premium” Fuel Really Make a Difference?

You’ve no doubt stopped at the gas station and wondered what fuel in the premium fuel pump actually does. Premium gas contains more octane than regular fuel. Octane is more easily burned by cars in their engines. And so a high-octane fuel should, theoretically, improve performance.

It doesn’t always turn out this way in practice, of course. Different cars respond in a variety of ways to premium fuel, so your experience will vary.

Premium fuels also sometimes contain additives designed to help your engine run more efficiently. Often, car engines can suffer from a buildup of material in the engine. And so premium fuel can contribute to removing this.

#4 What Does A Car Warranty Cover?

Some people might be surprised to learn that their vehicle warranty doesn’t cover all replacement parts. For example, car parts that are routinely replaced, like brake light bulbs, don’t usually fall under warranty.

But all the other main components of the car do. Things like the car’s transmission, electrical system, and gearbox are all covered by manufacturers.

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