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Selling Your Car: Not A Big Deal!

There could be two obvious reasons to decide on car sale. Either a newly launched car series has really impressed you or its time and need to change your car. It is important to remember that beyond a certain age and mileage, selling the car becomes difficult. So, that you have decided to sell your car, to get a new one, either you can personally sell it or trade it through a dealer. But in order to get the best deal, it is wise to put in some extra effort rather than involving an agent in between.

Here are stepwise instructions on how to go about it.

1. Set a realistic price for your car

It is not easy to set the right price for your car. Same models of a car of the same year, may have variable prices. It is important to assess the condition of the car. A car mechanic can give you an honest opinion after evaluating the condition of the car. Many online sites can give you approx valuation of your car. Or you can also look into classified and advertisements to get an idea on the value of the cars of same year and same model. Better maintained cars get better price.

2. Car documents in place

Make sure that all the documents pertaining to your car are in place. Any buyer would first like to have a look at the registration, insurance and record papers. The buyer will also ensure that there are no outstanding finances.

3. Get your car washed and cleaned for lasting impression

  • Clean looking vehicle makes the first impression
  • Get your car washed, waxed and polished
  • Fix all minor repairs. Check all the bulbs, replace if they are fused.
  • Ensure there are no dents, dings or scrapes.
  • Get mirrors, glass windows and dash board cleaned.
  • Make sure all the tires are in good condition.

4. It is time to advertise

Remember, whatever your mode of listing be, make sure to clearly mention make, model, year, no. of miles run and also the color of the car. In the internet savvy society, it is best to advertise online. Car.Com is a known site and many other car selling sites can be searched online. Classified and advertisement ads in papers and magazines are another ways to sell your car. Word of mouth is yet another way to sell your car. You can spread in your neighborhood, your office colleagues and known people, your intentions of selling the car.

5. Show your car and give test drive options

Show your car in clean and serviced condition to the prospective buyer. Let the buyer have a first hand look at the vehicle himself. Anyone buying a used car would like to try his hand after seeing it. Let him drive it and get satisfied with its performance. Do not forget to accompany the prospective buyer in his test drive.

6. Negotiations and sale

Since you have ensured the best price for your car, it is advisable to stick to it. Never get bullied down. Be strict yet polite in accepting or declining an offered price. Remember, there is always another buyer looking for a car like yours. If you are determined on selling the car immediately then you might have to negotiate wisely on the price

7. Sell to genuine customer

In order to avoid scams related to car buying and selling business, beware of your customer. Make sure you are handing over your car to a genuine buyer. Check his credentials, His residence and contact details. Get all sale documents legally completed before handing over your car to anyone. Ensure the entire financial transactions are complete before you give away your car.

Now the deal is complete and you can relax and get ready to buy your car of dreams.

Selling a car may take a few days or months’ time. It is better that you sell your car at the right price depending on its condition. If you have time and can put in some extra effort then follow these steps to get the best deal for your car.

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