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Important Safety Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Car

Safety happens to be one of the prime considerations for buyers who are in the market for a used or new vehicle. Moreover, in case of prospective customers, the emphasis is more on the standard safety regulations instead of the newer, advanced features in the market.

Protect the Head

Even though the importance of head restraints are overlooked by even the most discerning car buyers, a head restraint that boasts of a good design if adjusted to the correct height is capable of reducing the extent of injuries by almost 24 to 44 per cent. In case of a crash, they even assist in lowering the risk of fatal injuries to the soft tissues present in the back and the neck region. In recent times, some manufactured vehicles feature active head restraints which possess the ability to automatically adjust themselves for the purpose of safeguarding the head and the neck during a collision.

Warning Signs

Forward crash as well as lane departure systems is important safety measures in a car since they offer visual and audio cues. These mostly consist of alarms and flashing lights that help inform the driver of the car of potential hazards in order to prevent a crash. Such advanced warning systems are a direct result of the developments made in the field of technology and have become the norm for many of the higher-end car. However, they are now available in the market more extensively as an add-on feature.

Increased Security with Airbags

Even though airbags have become more enhanced and evolved with time, many lower end cars still do not feature them as an important safety function. Advanced airbags in the front come equipped with sensors that are capable of measuring the size of the occupant, the position of the seats along with the severity of the crash in order to determine the level of inflation for both the passengers and the driver. Airbags are essential since they help prevent massive injury. It is highly recommended that curtain side airbags be installed in the car since they can offer protection from side collisions to every passenger. In the event of a rollover, such airbags are instrumental in diminishing the chances of ejection from the vehicle.

Just Brake It!

If you often have to drive on slippery, icy surfaces or wet roads, you must realize how difficult it becomes to sometimes control the car. Thankfully, the presence of anti-lock brakes or ABS imparts more control to the driver. They do not allow the wheels to become locked and so you can maintain the ability to steer, preventing the chances of skidding during braking.

Seatbelt Safety

One of the most important safety measures in any vehicle, seatbelts now offer enhanced performance. The effectiveness and designs of seatbelts may vary but the most ideal type is the harness or three-point seatbelt. Such height-adjustable belts ensure a good fit and remove any extra slack during a crash to limit the amount of damage.

Utility of Electronic Stability Control

ESC has now been made mandatory for every car and you can even find them in several used vehicles. ESC allows drivers to take control of their car, especially on icy roads or in situations of emergency, like braking or swerving to avoid a particular obstacle.