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Summer Driving: 6 Dangers You Need To Know

Most drivers are well aware of the dangers of driving in winter.

The ice, rain, and tricky weather conditions are obvious issues that everyone knows about – and prepares for.

It’s strange, then, that most people don’t think in quite the same way during summer.

The warmer months have plenty of dangers, too – and there are far more accidents on the road during summer than in winter.

With this in mind, we thought we would reveal six of the most common dangers of driving during the summer here in the UK. Read on and find out how you can stay safe for the rest of the holiday season.

More cyclists

When the weather turns warmer, a lot of people decide to get in their lycra and out on their bicycles. The simple fact is that in the summer, you will have to share the roads with a lot more traffic of all kinds – and that means more danger. It means that you will have to be more aware of your surroundings and look around at all times. Yes, it can be frustrating to find yourself crawling along a steep hill behind a group of struggling cyclists. But if your patience snaps in the heat, and you make an unwise decision, there is a good chance that someone is going to regret it.

Tyre blowouts

When the weather gets hot, be aware that it can signal the end of your tyres. During the summer months, the heat can cause the inside of your tyres to expand, which will, eventually, lead to a blowout. It’s a particular problem in the UK, where the weather can be super hot one day and rainy and windy the next. If a cold snap is followed by a heatwave, make sure you check your tyres for any signs of bulging. Replace them if you find evidence.

Lack of water

Water can cause some serious problems in two ways, First of all, your car needs hydrating, just like you do. The heat can lead to your water levels evaporating fast, so ensure you keep topping up your windscreen wash reservoir as often as possible.

The summer brings a lot of bugs and dust with it, too, so having a way of cleaning your windshield is going to be vital. You also need to make sure you have plenty of water on board for yourself and your passengers, too. Long journeys and dehydration are a dangerous mix in the heat. You will lose concentration, feel more tired, and are more likely to have an accident when your body is craving water.


The summer is the not just a nice time to ensure your air conditioning is working properly. It’s an essential time. Not only will it keep you fresh and comfortable, but it will also prevent your vehicle from overheating. Should your coolant start leaking or your fan stops working, it can have a severe effect on your car which could lead to a breakdown. Thames Motor Group recommend that you service your air con regularly – at least once every two years. You can do this as part of a service plan, or as a one-off if you feel the system isn’t quite working well enough.

Holidays abroad

As you are probably aware, in some foreign countries you have to drive on the other side of the road. So, when taking your holiday abroad, make sure you drill this into your brain and always be aware of your surroundings.

A lot of people don’t realise there are many other issues with driving abroad, as well as road positioning. For example, almost everywhere in Europe, you are legally required to have a high vis jacket and warning triangle in your car at all times. In France, you must carry a personal breathalyser, too. Make sure you check out the driving laws of any country you visit, and you will avoid the nightmare scenario of arrest while on your holiday.


Finally, a quick word about allergies. As anyone with hay fever will attest, the summer can be a nightmare for developing splutters and sneezes. It can also cause issues with asthmatics and sufferers of lots of other breathing conditions. It is essential that you know your body and keeps topping up your medication. Even the smallest attack can lead to serious problems if you are driving at speed – and they can come on quick.

We hope you have a great summer and that these tips help you enjoy the holiday season! Stay safe out there, folks!

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