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Presents That Will Rev Up the Car Lovers in Your Life

Limited-slip differential. Torque steer. Pullrod suspension. Blipping the throttle. You may not know what these mean, but there’s someone in your life who does. They’re a car lover, and they need Christmas presents just like anyone else. However, unless you’re willing to plunk down tens of thousands of dollars for the automobile of their wildest dreams, that special gearhead will have to make do with something a little smaller.

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions that will put a smile on their face as quickly as the sight of a 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra revving its engine. Some are simple, others are extravagant. However, all of them will display your love and affection.

Driving Gloves

A good pair of driving gloves will obviously be the practical choice. Usually made from a thin layer of soft leather, they enhance the driver’s grip over the steering wheel and gear stick for effortless control over their trusty metal steed. They are a must-have item, and you can view eight of the best models, as reviewed by HiConsumption.

Dash Cams

These are cameras are usually mounted on the dashboard and record everything that happens on the road, and there are numerous reasons to own one. One of the most important: They can provide evidence of innocence if the driver is implicated in a car accident that wasn’t their fault.

A Clean Garage

Car lovers enjoy working on their vehicles, but they might not have enough space to really dig in and make their ride shine. That’s where you come in. Grab some cleaning supplies, roll up your sleeves, and give that garage a good scrubbing. Just be careful not throw out any tools or supplies they need to properly maintain their car. If you discover you have a lot of stuff you need to store away, find a good self-storage unit to help you out.

Photo Books

That someone special will be immediately entranced by images of the classiest machines to grace the streets in over 100 years of automotive history. However, which one do you choose? To help you out, here’s a short list to start with.

Auto Insurance

Although you can’t actually purchase auto insurance for someone else, you can sit down with them and look through their current policy to possibly find a better, cheaper plan. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, looking up coverage has never been easier. So, set aside some free time, head to a website like (where you can find information about different companies, compare quotes, and choose the policy that works best for their needs), and find auto insurance that provides fantastic coverage at an affordable rate.


Does the car lover in your life like to let everyone know of their enthusiasm for the rubber hitting the road? A T-shirt would do nicely then, or perhaps a hoodie or pair of shoes. There’s no shortage of that online, it’s just a small matter of visiting the right websites.


Piecing together their dream car will be just as much fun for them as driving it. Well, maybe not, but it’s still an excellent way to while away a rainy afternoon. Look no further than Puzzle Warehouse to find what you’re looking for.

Wash and Wax Kits

As we all know, the true car fanatics spend just as much time buffing as they do driving the object of all their fastidious attention, and that’s why this makes such a wonderful gift to give.

Tire Inflators

Tire inflators are wonderful, especially cordless models. They allow drivers to maintain the right level of pressure for optimal performance as well as fuel efficiency. The best part: You can do this at home without the hassle of a long and tangled hose.

Auto Parts and Accessories

You loved one might appreciate a new set of wiper blades, seat covers, or even a customized muffler, but be careful: They won’t get much use out of these items if they don’t match the model and make they drive. To avoid this disaster, do plenty of research online and read the reviews to avoid wasting hard-earned cash.


If you want to show your love by buying something expensive, then how about a miniature Ferrari 250 GTO? It sells for a cool 18,000 euros. Don’t worry if that’s a bit too much as there are plenty more models out there starting at around $10.

Remote Control Cars

These are not just for kids, and you’d better be careful saying that anywhere near a proper enthusiast. This might help explain why a Traxxas X0-1 costs around $750. That’s the crème de la crème, though; there are plenty of affordable models available.

Actual Cars

Now this may sound crazy, but people actually give these as gifts, though you had better be sure you know exactly which model they’ve been dreaming of. Also, remember to work with the dealer when it comes to titling, at least if you want to keep this a surprise.

That should help you solve your Christmas car trouble. In fact, your loved one may be so happy that they finally take the time to explain the difference between pushrod and pullrod suspension.

Image via Pexels