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What To Do Once You Have Passed Your Test

Passing your driving test is a massive moment. It is the day that you are fully road legal and able to express yourself and gain your independence. But, once you have passed, what do you do? You have been building up to the moment for so long that you never even thought about the next steps. Here is a bit of advice that you put you on the right path.

Ring your mates

Take a bit of time to enjoy the moment and rub it into your friends who can’t drive just yet! Tell your friends, tell your family, and tell the whole world if you want. Because it is such a big deal, there is nothing wrong having a bit of fun and letting everyone congratulate you. Soak in the moment. It doesn’t come around often!

Look for a car

It is pointless passing your test and then not driving for months because you can’t afford a new car. Yes, cars are expensive, and you might not have the cash, but your skills will start to drift and the next time you get behind the wheel it is like learning to drive all over again. If you need alternative means of finance, take out a car loan or look for one on finance. You could even ask your mum and dad to insure you on theirs!

Get insurance

Don’t go for a drive without insurance. Again, it is costly, but you don’t want to lose your licence days after passing your test. Plus, it is a form of security. Not security in the sense of keeping you physically safe, but security financially. Crashes can cost a lot, and the insurance company will sort the situation, so you don’t need to worry.

Go for a celebratory drive

Go out and enjoy yourself as a legal driver. It is the first time you don’t need someone else in the passenger seat giving you advice and that is an amazing feeling. But, it is also a time where you can educate yourself and become your sort of driver. When you learn, you are something of a robot because it is a means to an end. But, when you are legally on the road, you learn to understand situations and how to drive comfortably. The main example is the steering. As a newly qualified driver, you don’t have to have your hands at ten and two, which is a lot more comfortable.

Get some ‘P’ plates

Don’t let your ego get the better of you. Although you are qualified to drive, you are also still learning in effect. Remember the old saying that you only start learning once you have passed your test. Other drivers will give you more leeway if they are aware that you are new to the game and are still learning.


It is over. All the tests, revising and stress that once filled your body is no more. Love the fact that you can relax, safe in the knowledge you are fully able to drive.

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