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What To Do Once You Have Passed Your Test

Passing your driving test is a massive moment. But, once you have passed, what do you do? Here is a bit of advice that you put you on the right path.

Extra Costs of Buying A Car You Should Never Forget

The costs of running a car could be greater than what you initially paid for it over a ten-year period.

User Based Car Insurance

While researching car insurance in Dallas, I stumbled across a program that offers the opportunity for substantial deductions through a program called user based car insurance.

Car Insurance Throughout History: Important Innovations in Insurance Law

Insurance today has similarities to that in the early 20th century, but has made great advances as well. Today, a large percentage of insurance policies are started, managed, and maintained online.

Variables Affecting The Cost of Car Insurance

Many variables affect the cost of car insurance, and here we summarise some of the more important ones.

How to Save Money on Car Repair Costs

Learn how to save money on car repair costs the next time you visit the mechanic. From doing simple jobs yourself to comparing car repair prices, find out how to keep your hard-earned dollars where they belong – in your pocket.