User Based Car Insurance

While researching car insurance in Dallas, I stumbled across a program that offers the opportunity for substantial deductions through a program called user based car insurance.

A Comparison: Honda Civic & 2013 Ford Focus

To get a good overall comparison between the two premium sedans, let us put the two side by side and look at them in terms of size, engine, aesthetics, comfort, safety, price, luxury, and technology.

The Standoff: Land Rover Evoque VS 2013 Ford Escape

Since the release of the Land Rover Evoque, it has been the standard of most SUVs in the world. Ford will soon release its 2013 Ford Escape and some say that it has been patterned after the Evoque.

Car Accessory Deals for Incoming Holiday: Anything in Your Mind?

We are moving towards holiday season again and as usual – there is a lot of offers online including Amazon that you should not miss!

Be A Master of Hybrid Car-Learn

In an era when everyone is fed up with rising fuel prices and environment pollution is an ever growing concern, hybrid cars have come as a blessing.

Selling Your Car: Not A Big Deal!

So, that you have decided to sell your car, to get a new one, either you can personally sell it or trade it through a dealer. But in order to get the best deal, it is wise to put in some extra effort rather than involving an agent in between.