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Tips on Road Safety or Lock Your Cool Self out of that Vehicle

Many drivers are sure that they really are good. To make the matter worse, plenty really are. However, this doesn’t mean anything, owing to the fact that the drivers hardly pose threat only to themselves. Plenty of the transit laws and rules are being neglected on the road and this only means that there is never enough road markings and other some such safety paraphernalia.

Here are a couple of seemingly basic, yet crucial advice on keeping yourself and others safe and sound.

Reduce speed!

Again, I do not care if it sounds basic and boring, but speed means lack of control and the lack of control is that which takes lives. While driving slower doesn’t necessarily insure 100% road safety, if you respect the speed limits to the same percentage, you know you’ve done your best at maintaining control. And tiny discrepancies do not correspond to the increase in threat that you’re making by driving faster. For example, studies have shown that when driving at the speed of 30 mph, you’re twice as away to committing manslaughter, than at the speed of 35 mph.

Fasten your seatbelt!

While seatbelts admittedly are way uncool, one should definitely avoid something as meek as even a drive to their grocery store without the belts buckled. As the technology progresses, these safety straps are getting closer to rendering the user invincible by each day. Add the equally fast advancing airbag technologies to the stir, spice it up with this little thing called crash-prediction breaking systems, and you can finally rest easy in that comfy car seat.

The Importance of Motorcycle Helmet

Now riding a motorcycle is perhaps the most deceiving thing that can happen to you on the road. The 360-degree view provides a treacherous feeling of being fully in control, rendering you completely oblivious to the fact that you’re riding a couple of hundred pounds’ worth of metal wild beast. Able to squeeze through significantly slower vehicles, motorcycles can present a certain death for the one operating them. So riding without a helmet is a huge ‘hell no’ right there.

Road Safety

All is fine and dandy in the daylight, but once the sun is beyond the horizon, things become really serious. Add the fact that nighttime is our biologically preset rest time to the limited visibility and you’ll realize how ridiculous your lack of control is. This is where raised bumps on a road’s centerline and fluorescent markings come into play. An ingenious invention, the former cause vibrations as soon as your wheels come into contact with them, thus nudging the driver out of potential sleep and alerting them that they should pull over and get some shut-eye. Offering a range of various high-quality paints line marking in Sydney is considered top-notch. With the unforgiving Australian weather in mind, these are designed for all types of weather conditions and are highly resistant to rain, or sun wear-and-tear.

Back to basic rules – there is a reason why talking on the phone is forbidden while behind the wheel. Have you ever tried dribbling two basketballs at the same time? Hard, isn’t it? And these actions are two of the same kind!  It is extremely hard for our brains to concentrate on two things at once, especially if one of the two relies on motor skills, and the other on receiving and sending out information. Some experts are even against using a potentially dangerous, yet not illegal hands-free phone tool for this reason. Now if you’re driving stick in addition, a sunny day on the road could turn into the biggest nightmare of your life.

Now if something doesn’t go together, that’s the good ol’ driving under influence. Alcohol not only ravages one’s motor skills, but impedes vision and turns everything into a comfortable spot in which to snuggle – from a concrete pavement to that very driver’s seat. So cut off the booze supply entirely, whenever there’s car keys in your pocket, it’s not going to do you any favors.

Stick to these intuitive, basic, yet crucial rules and you’re bound to experience a safer driving experience. Respect the laws of the road and transform into a cool and laid-back person as soon as you lock those car doors or leave that safety helmet on your brand new motorcycle.