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Way to Save Money on Gas

Road trips were enjoyable when fuel costs were less. Now with rising fuel cost, many individuals are forced to forgo unnecessary road trips, while businesses turn to options such as a fuel card or other cost effective ways to save money on gas. Having a fuel-efficient vehicle is one of the ways to solve this problem. However, some minor adjustments in driving style can also help reduce fuel cost. Here are some tips to save money on gas bills:

1. Carry less weight

A car consumes more gas when it is carrying more weight. A car has to apply more power to accelerate when there is additional weight inside the cabin, this increases the amount of gas spent. So, try to remove heavy items that you really don’t need for your trip. In this way, a car need not exert additional pressure and can go smoothly by consuming lesser gas. Moreover, you can also opt for a small car as it consumes lesser fuel than a big car.

2. Switch off

When you expect your car to remain idle for more than 1 minute, try to switch off the engine. Even when a car is not moving, it consumes considerable amount of gas. So whenever you wait on traffic signals or railway crossing, try to switch off the engine to save gas.

3. Maintain average speed

When you increase the speed of your car, the turbulence of your car increases too. This can increase the consumption of gas. So whenever possible try to maintain an average speed. Moreover, regularly driving a car at high speed can reduce the life of its engine.

4. Use good quality engine oil

The engine oil of your car plays a major role in determining the amount of gas consumed by your car. A correct grade of oil provides the right amount of viscosity needed for the engine of your car. Wrong graded oil can heat up the engine and can increase its friction. As the friction increases, the car has to expend more gas to move forward.

5. Cut down number of trips to market

If you use your car to make frequent trips to nearby towns, then you can save money by combining your purchases in a single trip. This would not only save your gas bill but also your energy and time. Moreover, whether you make a short trip or a long trip, if you can work out the best shortest route which has fewer overheads then you can easily finish your trip in shorter time.

6. Switch off AC

Depending on the weather condition, you can switch off the air conditioner of your car. The air compressor in an air conditioner exerts more pressure on the engine which in turn can increase the fuel consumption. Moreover, make sure you park your car in shade, as that will help the engine to cool down.

7. Check the tires

Check the tires of your car. If you are using snow tires in summer, then you may need to change into either all-season tire or summer tire. Most of the snow tires are soft tires studded with metals to increase friction during snow season on slippery roads.

With rising fuel prices, it is essential to arm ourselves with knowledge to save money on gas bills. Habitually changing our driving style in a way that can reduce fuel consumption can help us at all times. Friction is a much-needed force that works in the direction opposite to the motion of a car. But, reducing unwanted friction can reduce the energy exerted by the engine of a car and can thus save gas consumption.

Alia Haley is a writer who happens to be a technology buff and always on a look out for latest gadgets. Being a firm supporter of green living, she is in awe of eco-friendly cars and plans to own one soon.