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Windshield Care For Cars

It is always exciting to drive a new car and the pedestrians, storefronts, and scenery look amazing through your new windows. However, over the subsequent months, weeks, or years, the scenery no longer looks quite as sharp. The sun captures and reflects off areas on your windshield and everything seems to have a somewhat hazy appearance.

Car windows require proper care just as other parts of your vehicle do. Cleaning your windows is obviously important, but proper care goes further than that. Scratches, stone chips, and sap make your very clear windows not perfect.

Here are 5 tips for caring for your car windows the right way.

#1 Cleaning Your Windows Regularly

Dirt and bugs are not the only things that stick to car windows. Hard water spots, bird droppings, and tree sap cling to the glass. Even if it may seem as if all the obstructions have cleared, you can still see a sparkling glint on your windshield. Whenever your car is detailed thoroughly (which should be ideally once monthly), you should use a high-quality glass cleaner to clean your windows inside out. Products such as Invisible Glass are quite effective when it comes to removing anything that’s stuck on and restoring the clarity of your windows. You should clean the inside as well as the inside of all your car windows.

#2 Replacing Wiper Blades

Wipers have a reputation for tearing or wearing out with minimal cause. Torn wiper blades won’t just leave streaks and the metal strips holding the wiper blades rigid easily come loose and can make deep and permanent scratches once they come into contact with the windshield. Windshield replacement is usually the only viable solution in such instances. When you first notice streaks on your windshield or bits of loose rubber you should replace our wiper blades.

#3 Keep Your Distance While in Traffic

When driving on the highway or even less-refined gravel roads, you should keep your distance from the vehicle ahead of you. The tires of the vehicle in front of you will kick up gravel and small pebbles and toss them back towards your vehicle. Such small stones won’t just chip up the paint on your grille and hood, but also cause fine chips in the windshield glass. Over time what you will see is a glimmer on the windshield that tends to be quite distracting once the sun shines on it directly. Windshield replacement is the only solution in such a situation.

#4 Repair Any Stone Chips Immediately

Large stone chips are caused by a stone whether small or large impacting your window. A small bit of glass is smashed out leaving a small crater in the windshield or a small pocket of air forms between the glass layers. If not addressed immediately, small stone chips can easily crack and spread, which means that you will require windshield replacement instead of repair. Glass repair shops often perform free glass chip repairs with most insurance policies, but glass repairs can be quite expensive if you lack the proper coverage. Chip repair is more cost effective than windshield replacement.

#5 Don’t Park in Direct Sunlight

Whenever possible, you should avoid parking your car in direct sunlight. It is unavoidable in most instances, but if you have the option to park in the shade, please do. Direct sunlight tends to weaken the glass due to the heat produced and the windshield’s life is shortened. Cracks and chips also spread quite quickly with a rapid temperature change such as being in direct sunlight.