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Keep Your MINI Wing Mirrors Safe from Thieves

MINI Coopers are coveted cars. Unfortunately, their popularity extends to thieves. A recent news story has alerted MINI owners everywhere to be more vigilant and careful when choosing where to park their cars for the night.

Thieves in Telford have recently begun targeting MINI Cooper door mirrors. Easily unbolted, the door mirrors can be removed in quick and simple fashion by criminals. Why exactly are they being targeted? Police are unsure, but suggest they may be stolen to order or to sell on eBay.

One of the victims, proud MINI Cooper owner Tony Walker, had his door mirrors stolen from outside his home in Ketley at some point between 7pm Friday evening 17th August and 7am Saturday morning 18th August. He is anxious to raise awareness among other MINI Cooper owners regarding how easily door mirrors can be stolen and what can be done to prevent it.

Mr Walker, 22, was quick to point out that the police had told him of similar crime incidents in the area, which raises suspicions that the spate of MINI Cooper door mirror thefts could be the work of one gang or an indication that car thieves in general have a new target.

The door mirrors of Mr Walker’s MINI Cooper had been taken off professionally and the fact that he lived so far off the beaten track has convinced the unfortunate victim that he may have been followed and his car singled out.

Chris Ammonds, a spokesman for West Mercia Police, advised people to keep a watchful eye on their MINI Coopers and to contact police immediately if they see any suspicious activity around their car or any cars in their neighbourhood. Prevention among vigilant communities is the best way to halt car thieves in their tracks.

What can MINI Cooper owners do to ‘mini’mise the impact of criminals? While it can cost anything up to £600 to replace two door mirrors, the good news is that security bolts can be fitted for a few pounds. Needless to say, it’s a small investment that can prevent substantial repair costs in the future.

While the police continue their investigation and efforts to bring the car thieves to justice, MINI Cooper owners and people in the community are urged to help one another to keep their cars safe and secure during the current spate of crimes. If you have a garage for your MINI Cooper, use it!

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