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Motorola Roadster Bluetooth Speaker Solution Review

Love using your phone while on the road but don’t want to put your life or others in danger with distractions? Well now you can have your cake and eat it too with the Motorola Roadster.  The Motorola Roadster is a Bluetooth speakerphone solution that clips easily where ever you have space in your car and allows hands free use of your cell phone but is it really worth the investment?


The Motorola Roadster is one of the most features packed Bluetooth solutions available. It features the familiar speaker and mic combo great for speakerphone calls but also packs in much more. One example is the FM mode, which with the touch of a single button allows you to stream music through any car audio system with an FM tuner. The Roadster also lets you speak the name of the person you wish to call so you can make calls without fumbling through your phone on the road. Perhaps the most impressive feature is that the Roadster will read your text messages to you and allow you to speak your reply making this the only safe way to text while driving.


Performance on the Roadster was simply top notch all the way around. The speaker is compacted enough to fit in any car yet powerful enough for you to hear it in traffic. The mic was simply amazing picking up even the most complex phrases and being able to transcribe them into text messages. Battery life lasted about 12 hours of nonstop use so if you spend a lot of time on the road a car charger may be a good investment.


If your in the market for a hands free solution for your cell phone than you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Roadster.