5 Common Mistakes Car Owners Are Damaging Their Car

Although many car owners love their car very much, some of them are damaging their car unconsciously with these car wash mistakes. You will be surprised how an innocent action and common thing people do could cause harm to your car.

Mistake 1: Dish Washing Liquid

This is a common mistake I didn’t realize until one of my friends told me. He was using dish washing liquid to wash his car for years. He didn’t know that it could cause serious damage until I told him. I visited his car and realized that there is only a very thin layer of paint left. Dish washing liquid is useful to wash kitchen utensils. But when it comes to washing cars, it is simply too harsh. Gentle car wash shampoo is more suitable.

Mistake 2: Normal Cloth

Another mistake many people made is using an old piece of cloth or shirt to wash their car. Most cloths contain plastic materials such as nylon that are harsh to car surface. If you use them to wash cars, swirl marks will appear on your car after some time. Swirl marks are shallow marks that are very obvious under the sun. Swirl marks will affect the look of your car especially if it is dark-colored. Wash mitt is more effective and safer when it comes to cleaning a car.

Mistake 3: Bird Poop, Tree Saps and Tar

When car owners saw bird poop, tree saps or tars on their car, many of them will remove them when they wash their car. My suggestion is remove them NOW. These contaminants might be insignificant to many car owners. But they are corrosive and will bond with your car paint slowly. If you leave it for a week, removing them will require lots of effort and cause some damage to your car. Removing them after months will be almost impossible. Prepare some simple car wash equipment in your car.

Mistake 4: Dry Naturally

Many car owners will let their car dry naturally after they have washed their car. This is a normal thing that most car owners do and can be quite damaging to a car. Allowing your car to dry naturally will leave water spots on your car. These water spots are normally minerals such as calcium, magnesium and metals from tap water. Removing them with car wash shampoo is very hard. Professionals normally use mild acid to remove them. My suggestion is dry your car with chamois or cotton cloth. If you want to dry it faster, use a good squeegee.

Mistake 5: Auto Car Wash

Auto car wash service has been quite convenient and I have been using it for some time. The reason I stopped using is the damages caused by these services could be quite severe to a car’s paint job. Many auto car wash center uses tools that are harmful to our car. Even though some of these service centers claimed that they are using new technologies which are quite safe, I prefer the old fashion hand wash method. Hand wash is not only safe but effective. If you have been using hand wash with the right method, you will probably be amazed by the results.

Avoid these mistakes so that your car could always look new and shiny. Car detailing can be quite easy and affordable if you are using good techniques. Me and my team offers free guides and recommend auto detailing supplies that are useful at our website. If you are looking for guides on car wax, you can also read our article on best car wax. Good luck with your car wash!

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