How Android Tech Can Upgrade Your Car

Let’s face it. These days technology makes huge leaps forward, and we often forget how it was a few years back. Then, we were stunned by then-amazing touch screen. Nowadays, phone industry advances boldly, and it doesn’t ask questions whether we like it or not. Some of the outlines of this advancement are cross platform connections, as well as cross device ones. I will cover here the tips on how you can take advantage of your Android powered cell phone in your car.


GPS (Global Positioning System) had been present in cell phones for quite some time. So, there is no reason not to exploit its advantages. It won’t cost you anything; all you need is some good application, which can be downloaded for free. GPS uses satellite navigation, so access to the Internet is not required. Google Maps already does the trick, but it will need the data packages enabled, in order to work properly.

Many others, however, can turn your phone into useful navigation system, along with voice guidance and accurate positioning. The only drawback is that in a case of a call, you must answer somehow. To counter this, I strongly recommend using Bluetooth handsfree device, for this increases your safety, and for many you don’t even need to lift a hand form steering wheel. Simply say “answer”, and you have picked up the call.


When you already connected your phone to the sound system, you could use it for various purposes. Also, you are not restricted to usage of Bluetooth, but other forms of connection are available. Data cable is often used, but it can be inappropriate, for connection problems and compatibility issues are often. It is better to use some other, such as Sony’s Throw or Mirror. You only need to find stereo system which supports these features, and you are good to go.

Many modern types can offer you just to import music from your phone memory, and from there, your stereo system takes control of the playlist and the volume. The more advanced car audio accessories can range from simple connection, to holographic display in the corner of your windshield. Some are packing standard button usage, while other are equipped with cutting edge technology based on voice command. While this type is the most expensive one, for your own safety, it is among most recommended ones.


This matter concerns strictly safety of you and others in traffic. Using cell phone for calls or texting while driving is highly unsafe, and is forbidden in many countries worldwide. It draws your attention from the road, and the results of accident happened for these are often fatal. So, in order to avoid this happening, there are few things you can do. Using handsfree headphones is the least you could do, but still, be careful, for you need to take the hand from the steering wheel, and answer.

I highly recommend taking a step further, and to find already mentioned Bluetooth device, for those won’t tangle along your belt, are completely safe and wearable. Even better, you could obtain sound system which supports Bluetooth connection, and you can just say “answer”, and the conversation will be streamed from your phone directly to the system. However, this is a bit inconvenient, for the conversation becomes public, and possible companions can hear everything.

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