Hybrid It Is: Go Green Transport

You know how the car fuel price is rising and keeps on increasing every other day with time. This is all because of the major financial crisis that hit the market last decade. Not only have the Asian countries suffered, making it around above 80 Rs / means 0.83 Dollars, but all America/Europe is suffering as well.

The petrol consumption is around 1 dollar as well per liter in Asian counties, but 3.09 Dollars per gallon in the US. That is a lot more to compensate by all the people around the world. Auto transport ways have to be changed now.

What should we do then? Is it high time that we ban the use of cars or find an alternative? Obvious is the fact that we can now look towards other means of transportation, buy the cars that run on water (but that is going to be expensive as well), or just switch to hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are taken to be the new answer and alternative to our problems by the fuel prices. They not only would save us the fuel consumption but also will not add any more pollution factors to the environment we breathe in. You will save the economy from a downturn as well. However, all this is only going to be true if you know how the hybrid cars work.

Kinds of hybrids

There are two kinds of such cars:
A. Gasoline powered vehicles (for example the Hybrid Ford Escape)
B. Electric powered vehicles (for example the Hybrid Honda Civic)

Such types of cars have two kinds of engines as well:
a. Gas based typical engine
b. Electric motor based engine with a rechargeable battery

While the types of hybrids are different, the engines also depend upon them as to how they will work. Still, the advantage is that such engines in hybrids produce a very low amount of emissions as exhaust. The other advantage is the financial efficiency that the engines with such hybrid cars provide.

Price saved

Now to save the cost on fuel and to make sure that you give something to your economy, it is up to you as to how much you will be able to save by the choice you make in selecting a hybrid as compared to the non-hybrid counterpart you have.

  1. For those who have a run along everyday to huge miles and are aggressive fast drivers, go to their offices and back, and only cover long distances for work every day, the gasoline car is not going to do you any good as the electric powered chargeable engine will only help when the car has to start. You will not get any benefit from this kind of hybrid. You cannot drive outside the city everyday with such a car engine.
  2. For those who run their cars exclusively in the city with short distances covered, the gasoline engine can work for you. You can save around 15% of the gasoline every time you drive. The motor engine will help the car to start and before you reach 25 mph, the gas engine will come in action.
  3. Electric based hybrids will function much better on hill stations, as the car needs to act strongly on the roads and the dumpy areas.

Learn how hybrid car contributes to our environment by reading Hybrid Cars (Our Environment) by Karen D. Povey.

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