What to Know When Shipping Your Car

For many, the car purchasing process is a nightmare in itself. With common roadblocks such as finances, credit-checks, insurance, etc., car buyers everywhere find themselves faced with a mountain of intimidation when it comes to pulling the trigger.

The truth is, when buying a car, more often than not convenience is few and far between. Maybe after months of hunting you’ve finally found that perfect match for your garage, unfortunately the car is located on the other side of the country. Countless buyers will encounter this obstacle and instantly be deterred due to the “hassle.”

In the fast-paced society that we live in today, we simply do not have the time to fly cross-country to buy a car, let alone drive it back! To put this into perspective, it takes roughly 40 hours to drive from Los Angeles to New York City. 40 hours of straight driving, not taking into account sleeping/eating? I think I’ll pass.

Nobody has the time for such a venture and I am here to tell you that location should never be a deterring element in the vehicle purchasing process. Often overlooked by many potential car buyers, car hauling services add convenience to getting you in the driver’s seat.

But what are the benefits of shipping your newly purchased car as opposed to driving it yourself? First off, it is far easier to let the professionals do the long hauling, safer as well I might add. Additionally, the last thing any new car owner wants to do is put excessive & unnecessary mileage on to their brand new vehicle. Let’s be honest, logging 1,000+ miles onto a new car is a hard pill to swallow when it can be avoided.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, we simple do not have the time for such a trip, let alone the finances. Think of it like this, you just bought a new car, congratulations! After one significant punch to the purse, the last thing you want to do is tack on a multitude of additional fees just to retrieve your new vehicle (i.e. flight fees, gas, lodging, food, etc.). By choosing to transport the car yourself, you have most likely spent far more than the price of hiring a professional to do it for you.

Now that you have decided that shipping your car is the best fit for you. There are a couple of factors to consider when searching for the ideal service. To start, automotive transportation commonly falls under 4 different types of services:

Direct Auto Transport

  • Most basic form of car shipping.
  • Simple pick-up and delivery process
  • Customer provides pick-up and drop off information
  • Cheapest service

Enclosed Auto Transport

  • Same process as Direct Auto Transport
  • Only difference is the type of trailer used to transport vehicle
  • Enclosed trailer to protect vehicle from the elements
  • Pricing becomes more expensive

Terminal Shipping

  • Not as common
  • Vehicle is transported from one terminal (i.e. warehouse, car lot) to another
  • Cheaper rates
  • Less control over pick-up/delivery timing

Port To Port Auto Transport

  • Overseas transportation
  • Expensive rates

Now that you have been given some insight on the basic of automotive transportation, it is time to get back to the car hunt! When you have reached the end of your search and the issue of transporting your new ride arises, consider the car hauling services I presented. Worried about pricing or you can’t decide which service is the best fit? Have no fear, sites such as Transport Reviews provide users with excellent reports on various rates and services.

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