Finding The Best Ice Scraper For Your Car

If you live in an area where there is lots of freezing temperatures and snow, you are well aware how difficult it is to effectively scrape off a vehicle when your hands are frozen over from cold. On too many cold winter mornings, scraping the snow and ice from the vehicle is a must-do. A good scraper can efficiently clear the snow and ice from the cars side mirrors and windows, keeping you safe.

The scraper itself comes off of a snow shovel to simplify the process, or allow you to work with a helper in order to get the job done faster. The best part is you can easily remove the brush head, so you have better control over your windshield scraper. The brush does not have as nice a grip as the scraper, with the built-in handles giving your fingers somewhere to grab when sweeping away the snow.

The head of this tool has durable, soft-touch britches perfect for snow removal, while the blade of the scraper has durable chippers built to break up ice, and even thicker ice. This compact tool is ideal for getting rid of powdery snow or a light freeze, and can also easily double as an ice-cutter. No foam handle If you are looking for a combination broom and scraper on a tight budget, this should be your tool of choice, especially if you have a high-roof vehicle or if you live in a region that gets lots of snow.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options of ice scrapers to make sure that you are not left empty-handed, scraping snow and ice from your windshield using only your gloved hands – or worse, your credit card.

Our top choice, the Subzero 16621, is a hand-held ice scraper which also includes a super-useful snow brush to get snow out of the windshield fast. It comes with a foam-soft handle and telescope shaft, extending to 47.2 inches, long enough to scrape snow off vehicle bonnets, trunks, and roofs. The Subzero is really more than a snow shovel, it is also an ice scraper, perfect for getting rid of the ice that has consolidated onto the windshield.

A similar product is the MATCC extendable ice scraper, which has a rotating brush head and comfortable foam handle to make removing snow and icing a lot easier. As with the other smaller scrapers, the ice scraper is not meant to sweep snow across the windshield or off your cars roof, but it does make scraping ice off of your vehicle slightly more convenient.

While one of these will not stand up to thick accumulations of ice, it is nice for when you have to clear snow off of a vehicle, so that you can just scrape away and be on your way.

The next one in the list is the Hopkins Spinning Snow Broom & Squeegee from Subzero, as it has soft foam handles, a telescoping head, and tools to handle ice as well as snow. It has all of the features that you want when ice and snow are covering your vehicle. Other features that may be more prepared for serious winter use include the swivel, an unconventional design magic scrubbing, ergonomic scrubbing, heated blades for hard ice, and even an integrated glove.

On the other hand – The Birdrock Snow MOOver is designed to push or pull heavy, wet snow off of every surface in your vehicle. It provides a pliable brush for a foam snow shovel that is able to move lots of snow from a vehicle really fast. The foam-free grips on the head of its broom/ice scraper combo tool are perfect for getting rid of wet snow, while the integrated ice scraper will swiftly remove the icy accumulations on windshields. Because Snow Moover uses a foam blade rather than a soaker brush, it is unlikely to carry any snow inside the vehicle and create any puddles.

You will still need another snow scraper or snow blower to get up high on tall roofs, but an ice scraper will be useful any time you need to clean out the windshield. You probably will need to get a snow brush before heading into town to clean the windshield, but this inconvenience is alleviated knowing your scraper can remove ice. You cannot scrape off your car if the same amount of ice covers your front steps or driveway – which is why the sidewalk scraper is so essential.

Choosing ice scrapers for cars should be relatively simple, but with all of the different options out there when it comes to length, brush size, quality, and price, deciding on which one suits your needs best can be an astonishingly challenging endeavor.