Nasrul Hanis

Variables Affecting The Cost of Car Insurance

Many variables affect the cost of car insurance, and here we summarise some of the more important ones.

Novated Lease Explained

Novated lease has become an increasingly popular type of car financing over recent years where it combines many options car financing to deliver various enticing advantages for each employers and workers.

How To Look for Used Cars

When looking out for used cars, you will want to perceive the price for the one that you’re contemplating to buy.

Deciding for OEM Vehicle Parts of 3rd Party’s

An issue that several people have to face is what type of vehicle components they’re going to be using. OEM vehicle parts or 3rd party’s?

Car Accessory Deals for Incoming Holiday: Anything in Your Mind?

We are moving towards holiday season again and as usual – there is a lot of offers online including Amazon that you should not miss!

Starting Your Car Rental Business

One the most profitable business regarding automotive is car rental business where this business offers car rental services to those who need to use car in certain period of time and this applies to both individuals and companies.