How to Avoid Mechanical Failure Related Auto Accidents

We buy automobiles to enjoy their benefits and get driving pleasure out of them. Many people dream of owning a particular car and save a long time to buy. However, accidents do happen as well. They have the potential to cause large damages and serious injuries. If you are properly insured the only thing you may be worried about financially is the expected increase of car insurance rates. You are in even bigger problem if your coverage is not sufficient or you are not insured.

There could be many reasons that can cause a crash. You may be totally innocent in the incident. Also, it may look that everything was out of your control and there was nothing you could do about it. However, this may not really be the case especially in the cases of mechanical failure related crashes. Maybe there were things you could have done to prevent them and here are some of the prevention methods.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Manufacturers, mechanics and other experts constantly recommended that automobiles should be regularly serviced and maintained. Generally, there are service interval guidelines with your service book and they are mileage related. In any case, you should get your car serviced at least once a year regardless of how much you used it during the last twelve months.

Brakes, exhaust, windscreen wipers, tires and other parts would be checked and oil and filters changed even in the most basic services. Depending on the age of the vehicle and based on the manual other parts may be checked and replaced as well. If it is a full milestone service check that is done by a manufacturer approved mechanic, they will go through certain diagnoses too to make sure everything is in working order.

A competent mechanic would be able to find the current as well as imminent problems. Fixing these problems would reduce the risk of auto breakdowns and sudden stops that can cause accidents. Actually, some car insurance companies monitor your breakdown callouts to see if you are looking after your vehicle. When you buy the breakdown coverage from them they have all the information they need.

Constant Visual Checks Carried Out by Owners

We cannot probably imagine how many people just get on their autos and drive off without having a quick look around their vehicle first. And how many people fail to get small looking but important issues like windscreen wipers, lights and brakes fixed quickly. Many issues can be seen by naked eyes and they are usually easy to fix. You need to stay on top of these issues and keep your car roadworthy all the time.

Listen to Noises while Driving

If you maintained your vehicle properly you wouldn’t feel guilty about an unexpected breakdown as it would truly be unexpected. Then, all you can do is to listen to the noises coming out of your vehicle and check them out. These could be all sorts of sounds like hissing from hoses, sudden tire punctures, engine knocking, brake squeaking, exhaust rattling and gear grinding noises. Every one of them presents a different problem.

Noticing them early and acting can reduce further damages that would bring your car to standstill at some point in the very near future. Then, the repair costs can be a lot more than if you were to have it fixed in the early stages of hearing the sounds. We all worry about these noises and sometimes it could be as simple as tightening one or two bolts. We wouldn’t know it until we take it to a garage.


If you have managed to avoid accidents you can find great auto insurance quotes on from reputable companies. It is only fair that drivers who are careful and play their parts are rewarded with low rates. If you couldn’t avoid and just had a claim you would probably see large premium increases. The site would help you find companies that can help you too.

Vehicle upkeep is not something you should try to cut corners. It is unbelievable that many people wouldn’t want to take their car for inspection even when they suspect a problem. Auto repair costs can scare people from going to service garages. The same people may be paying their auto insurance premiums without ever questioning if they are getting competitive rates.  You need to be smart about when you should spend money and when you should try to save.


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