Keep Your Car Running In Top-Notch Condition

A car is an investment that needs to be taken care of in a proper way.

When you spend thousands of dollars on your car, you would want that is should last long.

Owning a car doesn’t mean just driving it, you also need to maintain it.

Repercussions when you don’t maintain your car

Well, you won’t see them immediately. A car is also like a human body. When it is young, it will appear healthy, and would work without constant maintenance. However, with age, time will takes its tool, and if you don’t take sufficient care of your car, it would develop multiple problems.

Let’s have a close look at some useful car maintenance tips:

Drive patiently during the break-in period

When you’ve purchased your car, you should remember few things to keep it working in top condition:

In the break-in period, (first 1000 miles), you should keep speed below 55 mph (86km) or the speed, which is recommended by the manufacturer. You should not allow your car to idle for long hours. The oil pressure in the engine won’t be sending oil to each and every part of your car engine. Light to medium acceleration is best and car rpm should be below 3200 for first few hours of driving.

Drive carefully everyday

Never race your car during start up. This will add years of wear to your car’s engine. Accelerate slowly as you drive. Most of the wear in the engine occurs during first few minutes of its operation. Avoid accelerating quickly at high speeds. Avoid running over curbs or hitting tires against the curb when parking. Avoid burning rubber.

Buy your gas from reputable service stations

You must enquire whether gas that you buy is properly filtered at the pump. If answer is no, you should search for another gas station. Many pumps do not have pump filters, and may supply dirty gasoline. Find a pump you trust, and stick to it.

If you see gasoline tanker filling up the tank at gas station, you should go to another station. When underground tanks are being filled up, the turbulence can stir up sediments, and they can clog up our fuel filters and injectors.

Lighten up your key chain

If you have many keys in your car’s keychain, then it is pretty much load hanging when it’s in ignition. This weight, along with the bouncing when you drive in car, can wear out tumblers inside the ignition.

Instead of this, you should buy a light keychain and use it exclusively for your ignition key.

Preserve your car during its long-term storage

Fill up your car’s gas tank for preventing condensation from accumulating on the tank. You can add fuel stabilizer and drive a bit to distribute the additive contents in the engine parts.

Wash you car and use car polisher to polish car thoroughly for protecting its finish. Use a fine cotton cloth when polishing your car. Remember to buy a best quality polish because this will get you superior results.

You can put your car on jack stands to take off its weight from tiers and wheels. You should also disconnect and remove battery to prevent it from draining.

All these tips will definitely help you to keep your car in top working condition.

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