Opti Coat Paint: Permanent Coating For Vehicles

Opti- coat paint is paint used as a permanent protection of automotive.  It is a permanent coating for vehicles that enables them to be resistant to scratching and chemical effects from the outside environment activities. It is the only permanent automotive paint in application today.

The opti coat paint forms a thin layer onto the surface it has been applied on. It is usually clear in all its coating that is applied to paint. It enables the paint work done have a very clear coat compared to other form of paints protectors.

Opti-coat gives a long lasting hydro-phobic upper surface that enables automotive to maintain the clean look for longer periods. Opti coat is way much thicker than other surface protection paints, which makes it more popular.The other major advantage is that it is not wax, it is a coating that is clear.

Application of opti-coat

The process requires not more than eight hours, which is dependent on the state of the automotive;

  1. The automotive is usually washed fully
  2. Claying follows next this is done to glass and plastic to ensure that the paint is not contaminated
  3. The car is wiped with isopropyl alcohol to remove silicon and any waxes
  4. The opti-coat protection product is applied
  5. While doing this one puts on a pair of rubber glove for protection.

Why should one use opti-coat paint


  • It usually provides a lifetime warranty for brand new vehicles while giving a five year warranty for used cars
  • It is permanent; no other paint protection product is permanent when it comes to vehicles.
  • It is resistant to chemicals thus a car stays clean for a longer period of time
  • One doesn’t have to worry about waxing his or her car again.
  • It creates super resistance to scratching and environmental chemical reactions
  • It is also applied to glass and plastic surfaces
  • It protects also against birds’ droppings, acidic rainfall dangerous fumes and rust.
  • It usually leaves a shinny and glossy look
  • It has very many and different versions which gives the consumers a wide range of products to choose from thus satisfying consumers needs.
  • Can be used on every part of the automotives including the wheels.
  • It is easy to apply compared to other automotive paint protectors and user friendly
  • It is relatively affordable.

During re-sale of the automotive it provides the owner value for his money if well maintained, as the vehicle doesn’t look worn out.

The only problem that arises is when you want to remove the opti-coat you have to remove the paint too.
It does not cover scratches on the automotives, therefore before application every imperfection on the car must be removed or else they will be glued in.

One needs to very careful and the paint made to be leveled and clean not forgetting to thoroughly clean the automotive.
The introduction of opti coat automotive protector will surely result in relevant and important changes for the automotive dealers and buyers thus offering a new competitive edge to be exploited by the industry. You can also learn on how to paint your car perfectly from How to Paint Your Car (Motorbooks Workshop) by Dennis W. Parks.


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