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Repairing Automatic Transmission System

Many vehicles nowadays are equipped with automatic transmission systems and somehow these systems got their problems which is very expensive to be solved. This results in some people doing “do-it-yourself” (DIY) repair for the automatic transmission system for their vehicles.

Understanding how to the automatic transportation system is very important where you can avoid getting overcharged if you are bringing your vehicle to the mechanic. The key parts that you have to know in this system are the gears, the transmission fluid, the bell housing, and the filter.

The most common cause of automatic transmission problems is running low on transmission fluid. You can notice this problem if you have low drive power or if you feel the transmission is rough or noisy or slips. This is dangerous because it can damage the whole transmission system. Don’t wait until you have this problem. Check the fluid level regularly.

Another common problem with automatic transmission systems is having a leak where it will result in drastic drops in the fluid level. This problem can happen at the filler tube’s base, at the selector shaft, at the drain hole, at the mounting of the speed sensor, between the transmission and the engine, and at the radiator of your vehicle. Go to your transmission shop, buy a sealant, and cover the parts that are leaking. Look foe the most suitable sealant for your vehicle and automatic transmission system.

One more problem is the clogged filters. Filters are important in automatic transmission system because they filter out debris from the fluid. If you ignore this habit of unclog your filter regularly, the transmission fluid cannot reach the gears and this will result in tear and wear. Replace the filters and this time I suggest you go for the transmission service.

If your vehicle is not starting and neutral gears are not functioning, this might be an indication that the neutral start switch is defective. Disable the vehicle’s airbag system, disconnect the negative terminal on the vehicle’s battery, put your vehicle on the neutral gear, and then replace the neutral start switch.

Automatic transmission system is an advanced technology but you have to keep in mind on how it works so you can avoid harder time as a result from the problems!