The World’s 5 Most Dangerous Roads

If you’re a thrill seeking tourist then what could be better than traveling the world to experience some of the most dangerous roads it has to offer. We all feel like racing from time to time in our cars, but if that just isn’t exciting enough for you, how about driving on the very edge of your limits?

Below are my top 5 contenders for the title of  “the world’s most dangerous road” and are definitely recommended if you fancy an adrenaline fueled driving experienced. But don’t forget, they’re not called the most dangerous roads for nothing…

North Yungas Road

Perhaps the most dangerous of the roads the world has to offer, the North Jungas Road (known locally as El Camino de la Muerte- the road of death) is a 61km stretch of steep road with little or no guard rails, 2000ft drops and responsible for between 2-300 deaths per year in past decades.

Sichuan Highway

A beautiful but deadly 2412km stretch of road with landslides and rock falls a plenty, and thought to be responsible for hundreds of deaths each year. You’ll get some brilliant views as you travel along the road, crossing several rivers in the process, but this is one drive that you’ll need to make very carefully if you want to come out unscathed.

Lena Highway

Russia’s “highway from hell” is a dangerous enough road in winter but can be deadly in summer when it floods and becomes almost impassable in places. Traffic jams consistently number into the thousands in terms of the cars involved when the going gets tough. Crime such as looting and kidnapping is also a problem at this time of year.

James Dalton Highway

Once featured on the popular “Ice Truckers” documentary, the James Dalton Highway is a particularly dangerous road for those ill-prepared to travel it. Being extremely remote in places, with a slippery road surface, flying rocks from passing lorries and potholes galore, it’s easy to see why this road is so dangerous. If you do feel like braving it, make sure you have a capable 4×4 vehicle, a guide and plenty of supplies (such as food, water and warm clothing/blankets) in case you get stuck.

Karakoram Highway

Perhaps the 9th wonder of the modern world, the Karakoram Highway connects China and Pakistan via a 1300km stretch of perilous road. With the title of “the highest paved road in the world” (although only parts are paved) it’s certainly an engineering triumph (responsible for the deaths of 892 workers during its construction). With landslides and floods a regular occurence, it’s a dangerous stretch of road, but well worth travelling to experience the truly stunning scenery.

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