Auto Insurance & Its Types

Getting an insurance policy is something that is becoming essential for all. Same way every one of us who drives and is an owner of a vehicle needs auto insurance. It is not something that is legally required by laws but also something that would always help you to know that your vehicle is fully protected. Among the different types of auto mobile insurance one can always choose according to his/her requirements.

Auto insurance are taken to cover the amount of any car accident that has to be rather than paid from your own pocket. In most cases, auto insurance policies cover cost caused by fire, theft, accident damage and natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones or floods. Car whether used for personal or commercial use should be insured.

Basically, auto insurance is divided into two types-

Third party insurance – that covers the cost of damage that is caused by ones car to a third party.

Comprehensive insurance – this type of insurance policy covers the cost of damage that is caused to you and to third party. These auto insurance policies also cover damages caused to the car due to theft, natural calamity, and terrorist activity, any repair in transit or burglary. This policy also covers cost of car accessories like AC’s and music system.

In the case of third party insurance the premium that has to be paid remains the same as it is based on the engine size of the car that remains the same whereas in the case of comprehensive insurance the cost of the premium goes down as the car grows older.

Buying auto insurance online is one of the best ways to buy auto insurance that saves both money and time. This way one is also able to get the best deal in insurance premium. Every auto insurance companies have full information about the services that will be provided on a particular auto insurance policy. Thus, you have full choice and freedom to invest your money in the best auto insurance policy.

So, what are you waiting for buy a car insurance policy today and make your car fully protected.


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