How to Save Money on Car Repair Costs

You don’t have to break the bank each time you visit a mechanic. According to AAA, the average American driver spends as much as $4,000 each year in repairs for a small sedan. That cost nearly doubles for SUVs. Use the following tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come while lowering car repair costs.

Know your car’s maintenance schedule

Your owner’s manual will outline a recommended maintenance schedule. You can often prevent expensive car problems before they start by following this schedule.

Find a reputable mechanic

To find a shop you can trust, ask for recommendations from family, friends and coworkers. Also, read customer reviews online, check with your insurance company for a list of recommended shops, and research a mechanic through the Better Business Bureau to ensure they’re in good standing.

Compare work estimates

After you’ve got a list of reputable mechanics, call three or four for an cost estimate for the work you need done. Be sure the estimates cover all the same items, like charges for parts and labor. You can also compare the length of time repairs will take.

Do it yourself

If you’re willing to learn how to do the maintenance yourself, like changing your oil, air filter and wiper blades, you can save a lot of money.

Saving money on car repairs is just way to lower car ownership costs. Just like you compare prices for mechanics, compare the terms and prices of full coverage car insurance to make sure you’re getting a policy that meets your needs and budget. Get a car insurance quote to find the best coverage at the most affordable price.


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