Protecting Your Car during Shipping

Very few cars are damaged when being transported by professionals. Nevertheless, a great way to become one of those minority casualties is to be complacent when you prepare the car for shipping. People who drive nice cars are always looking for ways to protect and preserve every part of the vehicle, inside and out. Whether it is your seat covers, sound system, soft top or any other feature, there are usually ways to protect them.

Car covers can ruin the paint in the wind

Just as floor mats are often used to protect the original flooring, you can also purchase car covers to protect the outside of your car when it is parked for a prolonged amount of time. Some people will use them for transporting a car on an open trailer at slow speeds for short distances however you need to be careful, there is still the danger of ruining the paint as the cover flaps in the wind.

Preparation of the car

When shipping a car across the country, it usually makes sense to use a professional shipping company. In these situations the shipping company is responsible for protecting the car during its journey but your job is to make certain preparations and to make sure you use a reliable shipping company. Among the preparations you should consider doing will be to make sure the battery has a full charge, the fluids in the car are topped off and document any pre-existing dents and mechanical problems.

Research the reputation of the shipping company

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to protect your car and avoid shipping problems is to make sure you are using a reputable shipping company. Taking the time to find out about their history and reputation is critical. Listed below are some actions to take, things to check on and items to ask about:

  • What kind of trailer will be used to tow your vehicle
  • What kind of insurance coverage does the shipper have
  • Does your own insurance provide additional coverage
  • Remove valuables
  • Drain the tank to about 1/4th to reduce weight
  • Get copy of shipping contract

Luckily, less than 5% of the vehicles that are transported sustain any damage. However, it is no fun being part of the 5%. After doing your due diligence and making sure that the shipper you are using is a qualified and reliable, you will sleep much better and reduce the chances of having a bad experience.

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