The Warning Signs of A Car

It must be annoying to realize that your car got technical problem – no matter wherever you are. Unforeseen problems could put you into trouble, so it is a wise act to always be aware of warning signs of your car thus you can avoid spending higher cost to repair your car.

The warning signs could be visible to you – or not. Sometimes you might feel the car is difficult to handle. And you can feel it vibrates although there is no previous vibration before that. Sometimes you find that your car is hard to start and that means there is something wrong with your engine. There are a lot of indicators which reflect different problems so you must know what problems are being shown by different signs.

Here are some of the common warning signals and problems that you could see:

  1. Tires create humming sounds -Usually there’s a problem with front wheel of your car – or it might be other tires. This problem could happen due to the extreme use or length/age of the tires. Follow the procedures of your car’s manufacturer and replace the tires with the new one.
  2. Steering vibrates – You might feel suddenly the steering vibrates at a certain speed. This problem might caused by the damaged front wheel. However if you find the vibration happens at your place, it means the back wheels are not balanced. Ensure all four wheels of your car are balanced so you can avoid problems like this.

(I experienced these two warning signals and yes – there is something wrong with my car)

If you want to make yourself satisfy, deal with the technician/mechanics to check and repair your car. And if possible, some upgrading and maintenance. The authorized mechanic is worth to be paid and plus gives you satisfaction and safety in driving your car.

Do you ever experience any of these problems? Or do you have any warning signals that you want to add? Feel free to share with us through your comment below.