Performing Basic Car Maintenance

Performing basic car maintenance is something that you have to do to ensure your car is in good condition and comfort while driving. Let’s see some simple tips in performing basic car maintenance.

The most important thing to keep in mind is always know about your car condition. As you understand the condition, you know what to do and find the way to overcome the problem of your car. If you are not really sure about what you are doing, check the handbook from the car manufacturer or get some advices from knowledgeable people such as mechanics.

Check the oil regularly and top up when needed. Make sure the window washer fluid and coolant is adequate. Make sure the tires are in good condition and inflated to the recommended levels and pressures.

Plan your basic car maintenance based on schedule. In fact the actual schedule of car maintenance depends on the model of a car, manufacturer, age and driver behavior and other indicators such as number of trips and distance traveled and extreme climate conditions. You can break down the schedule into weekly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly for some specific maintenance.

Weekly – Do quick visual inspection and make sure all the lights work.

Quarterly – Ensure enough fluid in the radiator and battery acid in the battery. Check the fluid for brake and steering.

Half Yearly – Check the tire tread depth. Change your windscreen wiper blades.

Yearly – Check the timing belt and clean the battery terminals if necessary.

Other maintenance such as oil changes should be done roughly every 5000 miles or in period of six months.

Performing basic car maintenance is quite easy however if you find any problem but you can’t fix it by yourself, take your car to the mechanic before it become more serious. Don’t try to fix the problem if you don’t really know about it or you will make the problem worst. Always be aware for the warning signs.

Basic car maintenance might or in fact, will cost your money however it is worth to do it as it will maintain your car in good condition and give comfort while driving. Keep this basic car maintenance as something important and you might happen to extend your car’s life!