Starting Your Car Rental Business

One the most profitable business regarding automotive is car rental business where this business offers car rental services to those who need to use car in certain period of time and this applies to both individuals and companies. The key to success of the car rental business is keeping the car maintenance costs as affordable as possible and preparing to fill in the gap and operating the business efficiently.

As a starting point, you can purchase a range of cars however this can be a expensive option. One more alternative which is cheaper and more affordable is you can lease the cars from individuals or companies to run your business. This however means you have to consider a bit of a risk as you are holding others’ cars but with the correct methods and strategies, you can get high profits for both owners and your business.

Marketing & Patience

Never forget to improve your marketing skill and maintain your patience as you have to face various people with various styles and needs. To efficiently run a car rental business, work on a flexible schedule which might require you to work on weekends or holidays and sometimes working plenty of overtime. This matter relies on your business location. If you’re close to a busy airport, you will need to remain open all night while in other locations, you can work based on the demands of your customers. A great tip to create returning customers for your car rental business is by providing them with car delivery service where you will drop off the car at their home or any place that they wish. You can charge certain fee for this service.

Licensing Your Car Rental Business

Licenses for the rental car business is important as it is related to legal. It is best to rent a lawyer to determine which licenses you would like specifically and then fill out an application to receive a certificate of authority in order to conduct business. Next, select an insurance agent that will be responsible for the handling of the coverage for your rental vehicles.

Once you’ve got a license to do business, get the correct permits for your space. The permits are vary depend on the space that you would like to use for example if you operate your business in an airport, you may should pay concession fees and are subject to random audits and inspections by the state. In other words you need to have local needs fulfilled before you are be able to open a car rental business. In addition, you might need to have a nice credit score to to buy the cars or applying for loans to begin your business.

Work Forces

A minimum of 2 people are required for this business with additional people coming in as the business expands in the future. A car rental business can be locally owned or becomes part of a national franchise. You need people to manage the appropriate paperwork, verify every client’s driver’s license and collect the mandatory deposit. Once the vehicles are returned to you, prepare to complete the invoice together with all rental fees and any further fuel or mileage charges.

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